Landing 100 millions

“Trees have so much to teach us. We should take time to contemplate them and reflect on them like pearls of wisdom.”

Jacques Rocher, Founder of the Yves Rocher Foundation, and planter

PLANTFORLIFE is first and foremost a manifesto co-written by our team of planters, our experts, and the NGOs and association partners who work by our side. Together, we advocate a shared desire to plant trees that foster life with local communities, and to encourage other planters to join our cause.
Trees are life! They grow, flourish, act and interact. As sovereigns of the living world, they offer shelter to animals and have an impact on climate balance and soil erosion. Each and every one of us has a memory of a tree or forest. The rustling of the leaves, an animal encountered off a beaten track, a tree house... Trees are more than just an objective way of saving humanity: they hold a special place in our hearts, too.
Tree by tree, we succeeded in reaching our 100 million trees target by the end of 2020. And because we need to take action (and fast), the adventure continues with PLANTFORLIFE. No action is too small. Sometimes, the mere act of reflecting on what good reasons could inspire us to plant a tree is a huge step forward in itself. We’ve come up with 100 good reasons to plant trees. Add your own, and make it 101! Share the reasons why you love trees, raise awareness of the cause using the #PLANTFORLIFE hashtag, and join us on the front line... Together, let’s #PLANTFORLIFE. Thank you.
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